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Why Ileana Got Upset!

Goa Beauty Ileana expressed her anger through Twitter recently that “It’s a pretty shitty world we live in. I’m a public figure. I understand that I don’t have the luxury of a private & an anonymous life. But that doesn’t give any man the right to misbehave with me. Don’t confuse “fan antics” with that. I am a WOMAN at the end of the day.” But she didn’t reveal the reason behind her anger.

A national channel quizzed her on the same topic and asked the reason behind her anger. Ileana revealed that she was traveling by car and it was stopped at a signal. Another car stopped beside her and six youngsters were traveling in the car. When they identified her, they started misbehaving by using abusive language.. one guy climbed on the car bonnet and started shouting by showing indecent gestures.

Ileana said that they continued their disgusting acts till the signal changed to green. Ileana questioned how could people stoop to such a level in public places. She said that she was severely upset with their behavior.. but she kept her cool without responding to them