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Sai Pallavi’s Kali is Ready for Release

saipallavi in kali

Sai Pallavi‘s Kali Getting Ready for Release, It is very common to see Telugu filmmakers dubbing films from other languages as soon as the star in those films makes it big in Telugu film industry. The latest one is Malayali sensation Sai Pallavi.

We are very happy to say that Sai Pallavi has taken Lion’s Share of the success of Fidaa. With this success, the upcoming films starring her have got good buzz. To cash in on the actress’ craze, a noted Telugu distributor is now planning to dub one of her Malayalam films in Telugu.

The film in news is ‘Kali’, a 2016 Malayalam romantic drama starring Sai Pallavi in female lead role. This successful film will soon be released in theatres across the Telugu states as Pallavi’s mania is currently at peaks among Telugu movie lovers. Other encouraging factors for the release of Kali in Telugu are – Dulquer Salman (OK Bangaram fame) as hero and Gopi Sunder (Oopiri and Ninnu Kori fame) as music director.

Thankfully, only two non-Telugu films of Pallavi (Kali and Premam) have so far released or Telugu audiences would have been bombarded with her dubbed films month after month. Since Premam has already been remade in Telugu, it may not get a dubbed release.