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Raai Laxmi : About her 5 Failed Relationships


Raai Lakshmi

Raai Laxmi is coming with her new film, Julie 2 in three languages. The movie is set out to release in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. We do not know if the Telugu release will be wide enough for many to notice as there are too many films in the pipeline to release on the same date. Well, the actress is busy promoting her film and she revealed about her personal life as well.

During an interveiw she said, “This film is one of the major highlights in my career. I am taking a risk with this movie and took the highest remuneration in my career yet for this movie. I am happy about the movie and looking forward to seeing myself as Julie on screen. I had to go through major emotional roller coaster ride for this movie to nail the character. I might have thought twice to do such a film in South India.”

She also revealed that she never faced such serious casting couch in her career during her struggling days too. She further revealed her personal life said, “I did not find a good enough guy to spend my time with. As they kick-started as romances and ended up as friendships after a while. I am not in a hurry but will find someone soon!”