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Natural Star Nani Drunk a Full Bottle Of Liquor!

Last Day evening , a grand success meeting with Natural Star Nani’s latest release ‘Ninnu Kori’ which was held in Vijayawada and Speaking at the function, film’s screenplay writer and co-producer Kona Venkat has made an interesting moments about how the Nani drank a full bottle of liquor to bring authenticity to be in particular scene.

‘Ninnu Kori’ has plenty of emotional scenes but if asked to pick one, many would pick the scene where Nani gets drunk and talks about girls’ choices in front of Aadi and Nivetha Thomas. Nani’s realistic performance in this scene has been praised unilaterally.

Talking about this particular scene, ‘To brought  naturality to that scene, Nani drank a full bottle. We were a bit worried but he made the scene look so realistic that it became a highlight of the film. Then I understood why he is accredited with ‘Natural Star’ title,’ said Kona.

Kona Venkat’s revelation made out of sheer excitement and also to praise Nani’s commitment and acting prowess, has now become a hot topic with movie buffs discussing the actor’s drinking habits. ‘How can someone drink a full bottle without being a pro in drinking?’ is the doubt raised by many on social media.