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Hero’s Father Is Second Hero In The Film | shivaji raja

Actor sivaji raja‘s role in Mental Madhilo has been getting great response from all corners.

shivaji raja
shivaji rasa

sivaji raja turns emotional and shares, “Producer Vallurupalli Ramesh is a very close friend of mine. After watching Khadgam, he had called me and asked me to never act in films as I may not get any better role than the one I played in Khadgam. However, after watching Mental Madhilo, he called me back and said he has watched the film thrice and will watch again only for my role.”

Sivaji further shared the list of compliments he has got for his role (father of Aravind Krishna played by Sree Vishnu). “Very senior and most talented actress Roja Ramani garu has called me and appreciated my performance. She said that in her long career till date, this is first time, she is called an actor after watching a film and complimented. I feel it as a special privilege. In her own words, ‘Sivaji, Mental Madhilo Cinema Chusi Intiki Vachanu. Kani Nuvvu Kuda Natho Patu Ma Intiki Vachinattu Anipinchindi’.

Sivaji Raja gave full credit to director Vivek Athreya. “He will be India’s best director. Note my words.” He recalled, “When he had first come to my house for narration, I wasn’t so keen as each day many come and narrate script and pay money. But I saw a spark in Vivek on the sets. I realised I shouldn’t do what I feel, but should blindly follow what he says. I just did what he said. He has a great clarity.

Producer Raj Kandukuri called sivaji raja as ‘Darling’ and dubbed him as second hero for the film while Sree Vishnu is the first.