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Anasuya bharadwaj Gone Serious in Facebook Live

‘Hi Anu Aunty’ is the word which made Anasuya bharadwaj so serious.

Anasuya bharadwajAnasuya bharadwaj is back in focus. The other day, she was in Facebook live. Taking time off from the shooting of her upcoming film Sachindi Ra Gorre, Anasuya took to FB during when one of the netizens referred Anasuya as Aunty. He apparently commented on her live page, “Hi Anu Aunty”.

Taking a serious note of this Anasuya bharadwaj has taken a class to him. “Aunty has been interpreted as a Boothu these days. This is wrong. Even I use Aunty to many of my elders in a good tone. I don’t respond on these comments again. Behave like educated ones. If my kids friends call me Aunty, I’ll respond. But people like you who grow mustaches, beards, and look like Uncle to me, call me Aunty, I’ll not respond.”

Second Marriage Proposal

While another guy during the live asked¬†Anasuya bharadwaj whether she would marry him for her second-marriage? Anasuya took it in stride and said, “No. I’ll marry my husband only in all my lives (Janmalu).”

Hyper Aadhi’s Anadha Comments

Responding to Hyper Aadhi’s comments on Anadha (Orphans) that got severe backlash from socialites, people, Anasuya defended Aadhi stating that it was meant in a lighter note and one has to take it in a lighter vein only.

During a skit on orphans, Aadhi had said, “Anadha Ante Evaro Telusa? Athiga Avesha Pade Aada Daniki, Athiga Aasha Pade Magavadiki Putte Vare Anadha.” This ugly definition of Anadha (Orphan) has created severe stir. While this is becoming a debate,¬†Anasuya bharadwaj said that it was just meant to be fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously.